About PolicyTrad

PolicyTrad — best insurance policy web portal in the online market —  is an online web portal where you can complete all your general insurance needs. We provide both retail and business clients with different types of insurance on various facets of life.

We have been working in the online general insurance business for the last decade, and we provide the best bike insurance rate. With such a huge experience we have built a network of clients from all sorts of industries and retail sectors.

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What is our job role?

We work as a middle man in easing the procedure for a layman. There are various complexities in various aspects in general life insurance such as during policy issuance, policy claim settlement, and renewal.

For normal persons, it is not possible to know about all these in detail. When you take our help online we will be easing the job in certain ways. With us, by your side, you will also be able to save a lot of time. We have experienced professionals who will be working as your close aide in helping you to serve better.

For example, during medical policy issuance, you will be providing us with all your details and sending us the digital copies of your documents. And after that, we will be taking up the matter and ensuring the policy is issued as fast as possible.

With all types of insurance available and the ease of comparing premiums across companies for different plans, we are the portal that will help you to choose the right plan.

How to reach us?

You can send us your attention if you want to purchase any type of general insurance from us. You will have to fill up a basic form. We will be asking you to send your contact details like email id and phone number. You will also be requested to enter a time any day on which you are free to contact us.